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Strong Winds and Bees

I keep on coming back to the same problem. What winspeed can bees cope with and suffer no damage?
I don't know of any research into bees surviving high windspeed. Why am I so concerned? Well I got a large industrial vac with three motors and 50m of pipe into a baffled box the size of a brood box. I then attached 10 metres of smooth hose and then add up to 50ft of telescopic aircraft tubing to vac up swarms from roof gables and chimneys.  I can vary the airflow by use of vents on the suction hose and baffles on the box. What airflow is safe for the bees and still able to vac them up?
As a beekeeper I don't wanbt to harm them or damage them but I want to be able to collect swarms from those out of reach places and stay firmly on the ground.
Any thoughts????