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Have you ever been stung?

"Have you ever been stung by a Bee?" someone asked me yesterday.
"Well Yes I have, unfortunately many times. In fact I went to Spain on holiday once after being stung in the corner of my right eye the day before. I was in the queue to enter Spain and was wearing sunglasses and my right eye was painful, almost closed, skin all puffed up and red and very sore, the eye was weeping". I offered my Passport for checking.....
"Take off the Sunglasses!" says the Border Control Policeman.
I take off my sunglasses.
"Put them back on!" the shocked Policeman shouted. Made me feel better.
Another time I was standing by my car in my T shirt and jeans watching a new beekeeper open a hive. She was dressed in a beesuit and gloves and suddenly managed to drop the hive and a huge mass of Bees took to the air. And yes, you guessed it, she ran straight to me, followed by a swarm of Bees, and I got stung so badly I had to drive myself straight to Hospital. That night I had to sit on the floor beside my bed watching the walls expand and contract and watch colours floating around my head. It took a week to recover from the multiple stings.
Beekeepers never get arthritus if they've been stung I'm told. I'm not sure if its true. I don't work my bees with bare hands and I don't work them without my smoker and beesuit. Getting stung is not pleasant and I usually avoid it these days.........