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Nucleus of Bees For Sale

Its getting time when we are looking to complete our Order Book for Bees. We have a day in May 2012, the 26th to be exact where we meet people who ordered nucs of bees and hand them over.
I always have a chat with them and offer tea or coffee and make sure they know what to do with the very full Corex Box of Bees they collect.
We got quite a few not sold so I'm reducing the price from £185 to £165 a nuc this year.

If you'd like to order one you can email me or do it via our website and remember we don't post Bees, we like to meet you and have a chat and see you are happy with your new colony.
We got a little Bee Shop too, with some stuff in it, you are welcome to have a look.

Best Wishes

Paul the Beekeeper