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Scorching in the Rain

Saturday I sorted out this seasons used hive and got my blowlamp out. I set about scorching all the wood to kill any resident disease, insect eggs and mould.

It took a few hours and I had the pleasure of being out in the strong winds and rain. I got to thinking as the rain lashed down and the wind got inside my coat........

It seems to me sunny days are reserved for weekdays and weekends comprise of rain and gales these days.

In March I was at work in the week and saw temperatures some days that would equal our good summer days, up in the twenties,  followed by sleet and rain.

Now I am no weather expert but I been around a long time,  now for over half a century.

It seems to me, the rain is on my neck, my fingers are numb,  something has gone wrong when winter and spring get all mixed up and summer comprises of showers all day long.

Theres no good news these days. Look at the Cameron and SKY scandal.....The UK Government pleads with an unemployed  public to recycle and do our bit for greenhouse gasses and what have they done in the last 30 years? They attended meetings on climate change and knew what was coming thirty years ago,and did nothing at all.

An abysmal track record that has brought us to what we have today. Now Wind Farms are springing up everywhere, on hill lines, on nice fields......what about just using tidal power like the Norwegians? We live on a blinking island.....

It would be ideal if the politicians listened. They who have brought in thousands of petty Regulations, created a Nanny State, devised chronic Health and Safety rules that stop kids playing in Playgrounds, turned their attentions to the problem. Ministers with no idea what they are in charge of....

They had the power and had the professional advice from the experts and ignored it.

They have to do less to line their own pockets and do something for the nation they are elected to represent.

These elected lawmakers, who break the laws with expenses and corruption scandals, and ignore the disasters we are facing are a disgrace. In the UK the Bumble Bees are almost extinct, and thats in my lifetime.

Who will save the Climate? Who will now save the Bees? A corrupt UK Government, no, unfortunately not....Now is the time for a fourth political party, a party based on truth and honesty, based on respect, democracy and a return of our human rights, one that will sweep this lot away and give us back our freedom, our countryside, our jobs and our self respect.

Is there such a political party?

I honestly don't know, maybe I am too old and just scorching hives in the rain.