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Nimrod Engineering is looking for Project Management or Test and Commissioning Contract Work.

Also we can offer the following services:
On Offer
Advertising Trailer, 12ft twin axle trailer delivered and installed on site.
Available Per Day
IP Cameras
Supplied and Installed
Prestige Vehicles delivered anywhere
Available per Day 
Websites -  design and maintain
Available per Day
CCTV Systems
Supplied & Installed
Equipment Delivery
Available Per Day
Surveys -cable routes
Available Per Day
Coconut Shy
Available per day
Special Package Delivery (Secure)
Available Per Day
Escorted Trip to National Trust Property
Available per day
Escorted Trip to English Heritage Property
Available per day
Escorted Journey to Airport
Available per day
Representation at Industrial Tribunal
Available per day
 Last Testament and Will Preparation and Safe Keeping
Prepared and Delivered
Sea Fishing Charters - we book a boat and arrange everything
Available per day

Testing & Commissioning

Engineering and manufacturing is still alive in this corner of the UK. 

Our main role is in supplying contract services to larger companies. Have a look through the biography pages and you will see that Nimrod Engineering has been involved in some huge projects.

Nimrod Engineering is a very friendly hands on engineering company, small and self contained, we survive in a country where traditional engineering apprenticeships and manufacturing have all but gone. 

Let's Get Creative.

Have a look at our Projects for you to do at home.

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 NIMROD Engineering
Company Limited

We mainly contract our Engineering Services to the Major Companies but we do small Projects, Woodwork, metalworking to keep our skills honed.
Have a look through our website and we hope you will find something that interests you. Please do fill in our Visitors book and let us know who you are, what you do and what you think.

We are pleased to have worked on a contract basis for the following Companies:

Airworks Limited
Concoform Marine (Weedon) Limited
Transmanche Link, Channel Tunnel Contractors
Kennedy & Donkin Power Systems Limited Faslane CSB
National Grid Bramhall
Sensormatic Camera Limited
Deakin Davenset Rectifiers Limited
Elequip Limited
Cubic Transportation Services Limited
Morsons International
LA International
MatchTech Ltd
Serco  Projects
Serco Docklands Light Railway
Plancast Limited
Hima Sella Ltd

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Nimrod Engineering March 2012

Nimrod EngineeringNimrod Hives Beekeeping Hobby Pages

Nimrod Engineering and Communications Company Limited.

Nimrod Engineering Completed and moved on from the following Engineering Projects:

Central Line Communications Systems Upgrade 2013
Survey Routes & Planning Fibre Optic Cables to Schools in London
Fibre Optic Cables from Street Chambers to Rooftop Cabins 2012
Help Points Serco DLR 2011
Serco Cyclamen 2008 -2011
Delta Rail GPS Train Tracker 2008
Delta Rail Air Conditioning In Train Cabs (148 Units) 2008
Third Eye Installation Services -CCTV London Underground 2007
Enabling Works London Underground 2007
Magnetic Wireless Reversing Camera Project for Trucks (160 units) 2006


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