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Bumblebees are in trouble and they need your help!

Please have a look at the Presentation below all about Bumble Bees. There are some pdf files for you to download. Bumble Bees are in trouble and need a bit of help.

Remember Art Attack? OK so it was years ago, anyway your Paintings and Drawings of Honey Bees, Hives, Beekeepers, Plants, Flowers and Bumblebees wanted!

If you are aged between 3 and 300 years old, on your own or in a school or nursery, doesn't matter, please do us a sketch,  painting or drawing of your idea of a  Bumblebee for our new Gallery page..

We look forward to hearing from you....our address is on the contacts page if you want to post it or you can scan it in and email it to

About bumblebees.pdf (PDF — 110 KB)
Wildflower meadow.pdf (PDF — 204 KB)
Providing Nest Sites.pdf (PDF — 296 KB)

Please do have a look at the information listed above and the presentation  below and see if you can do something to help the plight of our Bumblebees.

There is something you can do, maybe plant a few Bumblebee friendly plants, or make other people aware of the Bumblebees problems.............
go on, do it this weekend, you'll feel glad you did....thank you!