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We got a few Beekeeping Items we need to sell off. Just click the nuc box to see the hives we got for sale and click the honey bee for our equipment list. When it is all gone that is it, no more.......

blue grass honey may 2011 035
We have a few nucleii of Bees available each year. Always end of May, usually the last Saturday in May.They are Collection only please, we do like to chat about our Bees and set you straight. Click the entrance with Bees for full Bee Nucleus details.

blue grass honey 059
I'm creating a few interesting web pages showing other peoples Bees and Hives. Please do have a look at the following pages:
1. Dan Masons' Poly Hive

I  have a number of Articles on Beekeeping that may be of interest if you want to start Beekeeping.

1. Want To Be A Beekeeper

I have some Beekeeping Albums full of photos of Bees that may be of interest to you.......

I have a selection of fun cartoons that can be printed and ironed on to T Shirts...Beekeeping Cartoons and Fun Stuff.

I have downloaded loads of free info about Beekeeping and there is loads of info available on Defreas BeeBase Site. Click the following link to see the lists.

You can start Beekeeping by joining your local BBKA Association.