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January 17th 2014 Rugby Warwickshire

Orbs seen in a workshop in Rugby, Warwickshire

June 2th 2013 Stockport

Hotel Room Television turned itself on at 4.04am. Hasn't done this before and I been using the same room for three months.

May 2013 Stockport
Recently while staying in the Alma Lodge Hotel, Room 31, in Stockport somewhere around 2am I heard a mans voice say "it is in the Duodenum" or something to that effect, loudly in my room.

I didn't understand what was said or why and asked out loud to the dark room "What?"

A woman  laughed and then said very clearly for me exactly the same thing.

Imagination, dreaming, you may say.

Well Yes I suppose so but I wasn't alone and a third sleepy voice said "Who the hell was that!"

(If anyone knows what a duodenum is and what might be in it please do let me know).

On the 23rd December 2012 we stayed one night in a small en suite  double room, top floor of a small hotel in Adelphi Road, Paignton. The Hotels name has been left out to save the owners any embarressment.

We were just staying one night to drop off gifts for Christmas in nearby Totnes. 

We had something to eat and returned to our room and heard a childs voice, barely audible, talking alone from about 10.30pm to past midnight.

adelphi road
The child was just audible and only a few words were understood.

When we went to sleep,. with the child still in the background and audible,  my partner was woken up around 1am by someone shouting "No" loudly into her ear. Then at around 2am woke up coughing and choking and feeling that her neck was restricted. She got up and went to the bathroom still choking. Strange or what?

adelphi road2
When we asked the next morning at breakfast if any children were staying in the Hotel the short answer was "No". The Manager didn't want to discuss the voices with us.

What secrets is Adelphi Road, Paignton hiding........was the child real, maybe in an adjacent room in the next door Hotel or was it a spirit child? A Google search revealed a crime involving a child in a property in Adelphi Road.

Latest Orbs found on Sunday 16th September 2012 at Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
See How many Orbs you can spot in these photos.......

Rufford Abbey
Rufford Abbey
Just a view of the Abbey
In the Vaults
In the Vaults
Fireplace is the centre of attraction for Orbs
In the Vaults
In the Vaults
All the Orbs disappeared a few seconds later.
In the Vaults
In the Vaults
No Orbs.
Orb is top right in the photo.
Orb is top centre a few seconds later.

The photos of the Orbs at Rufford Abbey were taken on a normal digital camera. This same camera takes hundreds of photos with no orbs and only a few where Orbs are present..

I'd like to now share with you a few photos of Orbs I have come across while out and about working in London on survey work these last few months........I take hundreds of photos to put in reports to dig up the streets and very few have orbs in them.....

Have a look and make up your own mind.

Wembley High Street.., London

100 0275

Wandsworth, very recently (Sept 2012) Rear of Shops Southside - two Orbs near Store rear door.

100 1149

High Barnett Main Road, Orb on the photo, on a wet day in July 2012.

100 0845
High Barnett, London  again, Orb on the footpath.
100 0855

Dover Castle Medieval Tunnels 31st August 2012 at 2.15pm - click on the castle pic below to see the photos we took at Dover Castle on Friday afternoon 31st August 2012 in the Medieval Tunnels and in the Great Hall.
All untouched and original photos. Have a look for yourself... and make up your own minds what you can see........


I'd like to organise Ghost Hunts if anyone who is a qualified Medium or psychic investigator wants to team up with me. Maybe do some ghost hunts at a few disused Airfields or local Stately Homes. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who could help me organise Ghost Hunts. Please Email me at

There are some great Ghost Cams on the Web, have a look at the website, click the ghost image to visit the website, - enjoy!!

We have an EMF Meter, digital voice recorders, low light cctv cameras, hdd equipment, tripods, low light hand held video recorder, laser thermometers and break detectors. We come fully equipped to do some serious research....

And don't forget to look up loads of true ghost stories and scarey happenings on the Ghost Database. Click the image of the haunted house to have a look.

Here are a selection of our favourite Ghost Hunting Pictures, some photos contain Orbs, others figures, can you see them......not for the feinthearted, dare you watch the slideshow?
Strange Events and Ghosts I have personally encountered are:

Tamworth Castle - first floor Spaniard Executioner spirit threw sand in my eyes .

Bodmin Moor - Midnight, my car broke down near the Jamaica Inn at the stroke of Midnight.

Kefalonia - Rented Villa main lounge lit up with a blue light about 3am, bright enough to read a paper in. Sat in the light for over an hour, no moon, no lighting from outside. Very Interesting.

Sicily - five foot high, green light, sort of mixing mists, glowing softly shaped apparition appeared in front of me. Less than three feet away. Shrank when it disappeared, just got smaller.

Colindale - ghostly footsteps heard, chill wind out of nowhere went straight through me. CCTV Monitor I was holding suddenly had flat batteries.

Welsh Cottage - apparition standing over a fireplace caught in a digital photo.

Welsh Slate Mine Museum - numerous Orbs captured on pics.

Stonehenge - Orbs on pics.

Red Lion near Fonthill Salisbury - Room 13 locked door opened on its own. Dried Flowers on the Landing thrown down every morning.

Queen Street, Helensborough (Top of Hill, B&B, Retirement Home on Ground Floor. - Saw the ghost of an old lady standing at the foot of my bed in a B&B on my first night. Later same ghost kept waving the curtains on the Bay Window.

Helston Cornwall - Haunted Static Caravan. Holiday home with footsteps heard in the middle of the night.

Coalville - Door Knob Rattling for twenty minutes. No one behind the door.

Milton Keynes ByPass - Two Figures made of mist, one a woman, other a child by the side of the road.

I've seen countless Orbs and have seen Orbs in many different places.

All photos are originals and have been taken by the author.