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Most Recent Sea Fishing:

Deal Pier - paid for two rods, spent a very wet and windy day on the pier and caught nothing. Sunday 9th June 2013.

The CodFather stealing all the Fish!

all the fish

Where have all the Cod gone? There has been a steady decline over the last fifteen years. Factory Ships now Hoover up fish taking each and every single fish in a shoal. They take 50,000 fish an hour.

Now the shores are depleted and fish stocks are being cleaned out.

Surely Commercial Fishing with its investment in Ships, Machines and Men must realise that they are destroying their own livlehood. Does the wheat farmer burn his crop, does the sheep farmer shoot his sheep...No.

So why deplete fish stocks so badly that no one gets a chance to catch any fish? There must be a better policy than this........

I support the creation of Marine Nature Reserves which will keep areas safe for fish. Anglers don't deplete the fish stocks, it is the Inshore Trawlers. They kill everything that goes in the trawl. Net sizes are the biggest joke ever. The end of a net gets clogged up with fish and every fish that ends up in the cod end does end up dead. they can't swim out through the corpses of bigger fish can they......

Swansea Bay, Swansea and The Mumbles.

Went fishing in Wales for the weekend in January. Weather was wet and cold, no luck. I was fishing from the car park on the mumbles pier road, very well populated by local anglers.

Here is the info I used from the World Sea Fishing Reviews:

Live sandeel is the top bait for daytime bass, but at night switch to crab baits. The mullet take bread or small bits of mackerel flesh without the skin. Flounder take crab or worm. Odd trigger fish are also being reported here at the moment, mostly to fish strips or crab.

I used Mackerel, worms and sandeels.

Fish the sandeel for bass under a bubble float or freeline using just a couple of BB shot to take them down deep enough. Best tackle for this is a fixed spool and spinning rod with 8 to 10lb line and take a drop net. The mullet take the bread under a Crystal Waggler shotted to take the bait down quickly then fall naturally, but adjust the depth according to the tide. Ledger fishing takes the bass, dogs and flounder with a simple flowing trace and sliding ledger a good all round bet.
The triggers tend to work close in around the base of the pier. Use a paternoster with the hook trace coming off the rig a good 2 to 3-feet above the lead and make the hook trace about 24-inches long to flutter in the tide. Use a medium wire long shank Aberdeen size 1 like a Mustad 3261 to combat the triggers teeth and fighting power. Occasionally lift the lead off the bottom a few inches and drop it back to induce more movement to the bait. The triggers tend to hit the bait as it flutters down or lifts in the tide.

The beach seemed to go very shallow about two hours after high tide. The locals told me the best fishing was two hours before and two hours after the high tide.

Come off the M4 at Junction 42 and take the A4067 through Swansea past the Marina and Mumbles is signposted. There is a fee paying car park by the pier.



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I went to Deal, Kent end of August 2012  and tried my luck on Deal Beach, Deal Pier and Walmer Beach. Got bait locally from a fishmonger, Mackerel and Squid Baits. Used 12ft Beachcasters and a Pennel Rig. Also tried a spinning rod and mackerel spinner. No Luck.

Conger LoveNimrod Hives Library Photo
Nimrod Hives Library PhotoNimrod Hives Library Photo

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Venue: Mid Channel Wreck
Hospital Ship

Charter Boat: Great Expectations
Brighton Marina

Fish Species: 40 Conger. Pouting, and many Black Sea Bream