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Simple Projects For Your Business


Get two secondhand pine ikea shelves on ebay for a few pounds. The shelves you are looking for are about 60cm deep and up to 1 metre long. These come with metal hooks on either end.

Saw off the ends with the hooks making both ends straight. Get a large round tray and put it on one end of the shelf and draw round it making a half moon shape on each shelf. Cut this out to give you a half moon on one end of the shelf.

get some cheap hinges from B&Q and put the shelves on the floor with the two sawn ends flush together. Hinge the shelves together.

Drill a hole in the other end just above the half moon shape and thread through some stout rope. Knot it and thread it from the face side of the shelf through to the other face side, leave about 80cm rope between the faces and knot it again.

Stand your new sandwich board up, sand it smooth, decide whether to paint it or varnish it, I made both styles, and put your posters on it.

There you have it - a Sandwich board for a few pounds that could have cost you fifty quid ready made.

Sandwich Board

Buy some pegs on ebay for as little as £10 for fifty. Look carefully under Business and Retail or Market Stall items and you'll find them.
Buy or find some 10mm plywood. Cut it to 2ft wide by 4ft long lengths. The sheet comes 8ft x 4ft so this makes four panels.
Make a frame around the board using 38mm x 24mm 8ft long battens from B&Q. These are about £6.80 for eight lengths. I made the sides the length of the battens and cut the top and bottom pieces from one batten to make a frame around the plywood with two legs either side. I made two peg board display panels and hinged them at the top.

Drill in one sheet of plywood 5mm holes equal distances apart vertically and horizontally a set of pegboard holes. I made the horizontal centres at 80mm apart and vertical centres 140mm apart. Thats because i begged my stuff in 80mmx120mm bags and added a bit for the label. You don't need to drill hundreds of holes if you only got fifty pegs. Just drill what you need. If you got to drill two sheets clamp them together and drill through both. Keep the drill vertical.

Put a rope through each pegboard, bottom centre of the panel and you got a free standing peg board display. Ideal for Markets and Car Boots.

I put Brass Screw Packs on it, see my Brass Screws for Sale.

Or if you got time, make equal four sides and put the boards together for a 4 sided peg board display board. You don't need the legs on this so cut the frame at 4ft x 2ft. make a nice pine frame around each panel.  Use hinges to join three sides so you can fold it up for storage. A couple of cup hooks and simple eyes secures the fourth side.
A nice varnished top is optional, all woodwork is pine from B&Q.



I bought a very simple clothes rail to sell clothes at a car boot. Cost me eight quid. The clothes rail was in a box and it all just pushed together. When loaded with clothes at the car boot it collapsed and all the clothes fell to the floor.

I took a battery drill and a 2mm drill bit and once it was re-assembled again I put a self tapper screw into every plastic joint that the rails slotted into. I put screws in every single joint and the clothes rail is now firm and solid.

I cut up an old shelf and drilled holes up through the bottom tubes, put screws through into a pine shelf and now have a nice shelf at the bottom of the clothes rail. What for you may ask?  A blinkin sandbag was put on it one windy car boot venue and that kept the rail upright.

clothes rail2


Basic Beekeeping Banner
Have a look at Vistaprints banners, they do colourful banners quite cheap. However hanging a banner is another thing. Take my advice and cut a bit of 6mm plywood the size of your banner and glue the banner to it with evostick.

Drill holes in each corner, thread through a nice rope at each corner and hang it off your gate, bedroom window or anywhere to promote your business. You'll be suprised at the response. I hung one on our wrought iron access gate, looked great.


Use a fixed price auction on ebay, duration 25 days to promote your business. Offer something like a wheelnut for a tenner and put on the auction loads of details about your business and opening times. Be crafty and show detailed pictures like the sides of your advertising trailer. People can read whats on the trailer of course and you are advertising aswell as promoting the hire of the trailer. Do the same on FREE ADS and GUMTREE to get more free advertising.

MOMSTRANDSForget putting Ads in papers and in booklets these days - it just don't work. Have an advert for your business printed on the back of a parking ticket in your local town centre. Everyone buying a ticket sees the back of the ticket as they stick it on the window.


Car-DVR-With-Night-Vision-and-Motion-Detection-JD-DV003-Got a Fly Tipping Problem or maybe you just need a covert camera. the camera shown in the picture is an in car dvr camera. It is designed to work off a cigarette lighter and takes good quality videos and stores them on a SD Card.

The camera costs £13 -£15 from Amazon and a flash card, say 32GB can cost you £10 on ebay.

Get yourself a 12vt battery and a cigarette lighter socket and power the camera up from a battery.

Mount it in a wooden box and set it on Motion Detection. It will record any movement in fron t of the camera. Get the pictures of your vandals, fly tippers, thieves and hand the SD Card over to the Police.

I've made three portable cameras - they are excellent.

8. A Charity Coconut Shy
Check out the pictures and full details on our Coconut Shy page.