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Simple Projects For The Home and Car

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Our new Simple Projects pages are under construction but we would welcome any contributions to this page from readers. If you have any interesting Projects then please send them in word or pdf format and we will include them........

1. A Simple Beetle Hotel
Take a log from any piece of Woodland, about 9" long and strip the bark from half of it. In the stripped bark face drill an assortment of holes ranging in size from 4mm to 8mm. Drill the holes randomly. Tie a stout rope around the log at one end and hang it vertically from a tree. Wait a few months and using a magnifying glass have a look who is staying in your Beetle Hotel.
2. A Pile of Rocks
There are many creatures who welcome the cool damp shade and safety of a rockpile in the garden. Make sure the rocks are piled up loosely and with gaps between them. If you have a nearby pond you may be lucky enough to have a grass snake make your rock pile its home.

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3. Hedgehog Hotel
If you can, dig a hole about two feet in diameter and line it with hay or straw. Then around the perimeter place rocks or bricks about ten inches high. Fill it up with more straw or hay and then lay stout branches across the top. Put plenty of branches on and then lightly cover the whole mound with garden soil. You've made a nice comfy den for a wandering hedgehog. You can buy plastic moulded hedgehog hotels but its more fun to make your own.

4. Rotting Wood Hideaway
Somewhere near the compost bin throw any sturdy hedge branches or tree pruning on the same pile. The addition of a few logs and dead wood found on forest walks would made a really nice habitat for insects. Ok you may get centipedes and wood lice but they got to live too....Just keep adding to the pile and don't forget to get a magnifying glass, gently turn over your logs and study what you see..........

5. Miniature Watering Hole
Some insects, like bees and butterflies, will visit a terracotta or metal  watering dish. This simple insect watering hole requires only a few materials, and makes a great summer project for young children. Put a deep dish in the garden, fill it with pebbles and allow the rain to fill this miniature pool. After a few days you will see insects like Bees coming for a drink.....

6. In Car Camera/DVR
****Excellent little cameras*****
Amazon are selling some brilliant little cameras, with infra red leds and motion detection for only £13.95 These little cameras take a flash card and come with a suction mount to stick on the windscreen of the car. However inside these small cameras there is a battery that would allow you to put it inside a piece of pipe and put it in the garden. Put some peanuts or bread in front of the camera and see what nocturnal visitors come along. The recordings can be seen on the in built 2.5" monitor or put the flash card in your laptop and view the recordings. Have a think what you want to record and go get yourself one of these excellent little cameras. Oh I forgot - you can also use them as in car dvr!!!!!

In Car DVR

and now Bird Feeders!

Umm I like feeding on Birds!!

Bird Feeder3.doc (DOC — 44 KB)
Birdfeeder Log.doc (DOC — 40 KB)
Bird Feeder2.doc (DOC — 274 KB)
simple_oars.pdf (PDF — 16 KB)
Wildflower meadow.pdf (PDF — 204 KB)