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Swarms, swarms and more Swarms

I've had a record number of calls about Swarms this tear. At one stage it seemed like I
was getting three calls a day!!
I'm getting my Bee Vac sorted and hope to be collecting swarms up to 50ft off the ground with telescopic extendable poles next season and collecting direct into a brood box and frames. I'm utilising a 3 motor industrial wet and dry vac to supply the vacuum which i can adjust quite easily.
I'm going to add a page on the website all about the signs of swarming and how to do an artificial swarm so there be info where you need it.
I'm going to be adding loads of info pages to the website so if you've visited it once you might like to have a look and see the new articles. I'd appreciate any hints or suggestions or recipies using honey for future projectr articles.
Best of Luck with your Beekeeping,