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Swarming Record Season

This season I got loads of calls asking me to collect swarms.

I had a couple of really high ones but was in london and without my beevac giving me the ability to take swarms from locations up to 60 feet, twenty metres high while staying firmly on the ground.

I have several sets of telescopic aliminium aircraft grade tubing, a 20 metre extension vac hose, a national size capture box with a baffle plate, a three motor wet and dry 110V industrial vac and a 110V generator to handle these  difficult jobs from the ground.

I'm really pleased with one of my captured swarms from this season, although they have loads of free comb in the hive they have been the biggest colony I seen in years. They were a dark cloud when swarming and have just gone from strength to strength. I'm going to make some nucleii from them next season and hope they are the basis of a new apiary.

Best Wishes

Paul the Beekeeper