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Top Bar Hive Visitors

I have an Out Apiary at a stately home and was sorting out my Bees this week. I have three cedar hives at this site.
I was a bit suprised to see honey bees coming to and from a top bar hive I had in the apiary.

I am using BS National Hives, all on double brood with a couple of honey supers on each.

I had a look and a swarm of honey bees with a disntinctive white dot on their thorax, had moved into the top bar hive and had made several sets of free comb suspended from the roof and were coming and going through a gap in the roof.

I gently smoked them. moved the top bar hive roof, had a good look then just left them to it.

I've never used this top bar hive before and accepted it as a trade for a nucleus of bees last year.

It has stood empty except when I used it to put buckets of feed in and fed the whole apiary with a general feed. The bees fly to and from it and go to their own hives.

This week I went to check my visitors and sadly they have moved on.

They left comb and pollen in the stores but decided to look for somewhere else. I wondered if looking at them disturbed them enough for them to decide to leave. I hope they find a nice home in the surrounding woodland.

If you are interested in receiving loads of free beekeeping files and info do please email me. I'd be pleased to hear from you and hope you find all the info useful. It is stuff i have collected over the years I been beekeeping.

Best Wishes to you

Paul the Beekeeper