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Summertime Special

Well the weather here has been very changeable, scorching temperatures one hour then torrential rain the next. I've had a spate of loose comb building in my hives. i'm not sure whats going on, the frames are being bridged and the bees seem very happy about it. I've had comb in the roof above the crown board too, but I'm wondering if thats due to the new ridged roofs I've been using. I only .used them because my hives are in the old walled garden of a stately home and need to look pretty.
I've had loads of honey this year, I'm lazy and just use cut comb. I don't have time for extracting frames and filtering the honey into jars.
A friend of mine phoned saying he lost his Queen. I know of a place to buy queens and thats from the Blue Grass honey farm at Lledrod, near Aberystwyth, North Wales. Look them up on Google then give them a ring. Phone in the evening though because they are too busy to answer the phone during the day. Its run by Gerrard Worthington and he will post you a Queen. Doesn't cost a great deal too.
I been toying with the idea of using the new modern foam hives next year. The eco friendly ones. I may try a few and see hpow I get on. Anybody using any of them? Please let me know how its going......
well thats it for today...good luck with your beekeeping...I got some cedar hives and kit going cheap now if anybody wants something......Paul