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Winter Feeding

I've bought a sackful of white sugar and three boxes of fondant for my Bees. White sugar is available in big sacks from a number of places and is cheaper buying it this way. If you buy 1kilo bags then go to Aldi and save money. bakers fondant is accepotable to Bees and can be found on the cakes and decorations section in Tesco.
Don't leave it too late to feed the Bees this year. The summer hasn't been very good and they might run short of supplies this winter so give them a good feed late september.
I've had a few people comment on their Bees being aggressive this season. This could be the weather, lack of pollen and nectar or just unhappy Bees.
Remember to give your Bees your preferred varroa treatments after you've taken the honey off. If you want free information on Varroa, Feeding for the Winter, or anything really just email me and I'll send you the info.
Best Wishes