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End of Season Summers Back!

It has been an amazing end of Season!
The Bees were enjoying record temperatures of up to 28 degrees C last week. The hives are full and very active. I've been preparing my kit for an end of season feed, clean of the hives and collect all the spare wax but had to postpone my clean up.
The  end of season sugar syrup feed and Varroa treatments still waiting too.  I'll do it this coming weekend.
Looking in my diary I was removing supers and fitting mouse guards this time a few years ago. It was cold and wet in October a few years ago....
I am getting in Corex nuc boxes and making frames and sorting out the farm apiary for raising our own Nucs next a new adventure for us. I'm looking forward to the challenge.....
We  did ok this year and had a good honey harvest this year,. We have cut comb honey because we are always short of time for extracting and putting in jars. What we don't keep for ourselves we give away. We have just bought some large pans to melt down our wax, solar wax extractor is too slow for us these days......We'll make a few beeswax blocks and candles out of the old frames and old comb.
Well I hope the season has been kind to you and I hope your Bees survive the winter. I'm going to add the long range weather forecast on the blogg so you have an idea of whats in store for us...
Best Wishes
Paul the Beekeeper