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Nucleus of Bees

Simon on 29/11/2011 21:32 I had previously acquired a nuc from another supplier which after a long battle I managed to return and got my money back due to severe varroa and chalkbrood infestation. I then ordered a nuc from Paul and what a difference! It was fantastic. The colony quickly grew and in my first year I ended up with 20Ib of honey from the one nuc, bearing in mind I missed the early part of the year. I look forward to 2012!! Excellent service and a very high quality nuc. Many, many thanks.
Could I just add that you should be looking at using this nice healthy colony to produce a second colony for you next year...start feeding them if its mild, end of February and look to doing an artificial swarm in May 2012. Get your second hive ready during the winter and think where you want to site it. Now is a good time to review your Beekeeping kit and paint your hives, repair the lifts and clean up all your tools. The next season will come sooner than you think....
I do have loads of free beekeeping info if anyone wants it, I been collecting info and Bee Books for many years and would be pleased to send you any info you need and particularly a guide on how to do an artificial swarm. I've had quite a few good comments about the Nucs we supplied over the years, the amount of honey produced and the size of the brood and it is nice to know things are working out.