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Basic Beekeeping Information For FREE!!!!

I have years and years of Basic Beekeeping files on everything from the History of Beekeeping to Recipies using Honey. I collected all the MAFF Leaflets and information. I have pdf files and word files and images and I'd like to share them with you.

Yes You.

I would be happy to send you about five emails with loads of Basic Beekeeping information attached to them.

If you don't want to keep Bees then I got free information on Gardening for Bees too.

I will also send you an email promoting BumbleBee Conservation and attach a presentation to it that tells you how you can help save the humble Bumble Bee. Thats my new year resolution - to help save the Bumble Bee!!

While you are feeling happy may I remind you that the Marie Curie Charity is having a Daffodil buying day somewhere near you in March 2012. We'll be there selling Daffs for two hours so seriously ill people can  spend their last days with their family. When you see the Daffs for Sale please do buy one and enjoy smelling the flower and Bless You for your kindness.

Email me at and ask for the Free Basic Beekeeping Info or tell me what you think of my website

Well Thank You.....