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Winters Wrath

The last week has been a nightmare. The temperature has been dropping as low as -8 where I keep my Bees.

The Bees were doing cleansing flights in the mild winter days only a few weeks ago.

I been moving my 25kg of sugar about the storeroom, I pick it up and put it down again, I get the fondant out and put it back.
OK, so yes, I am worrying about my Bees. Should I go and give them a feed?

The problem is opening the hive cools them and I usually like to wait till the outside temperature is above 10 degrees C.

Winter is always such a worry, snow and strong sunlight can fetch the Bees out then they settle and die of the cold.

Some people drape sack cloths over the hive to keep them dark and protect them from the weather but I found they just stay damp and go rotten.

One winter recently I started the cold season with eight fed and healthy hives and emerged in spring with only three good colonies. Five hives died of vandalism, cold and starvation. I had checked them all only a week or so before kids kicked the sleeping Bees over.

This year I am going to supply Queens and raise a number of Nucs. I'd really like my present Bees to survive....I'm not sure if I need to walk about or sit still...when is the Spring coming, Oh No! the BBC Weather Forecast says more snow on Friday!!!