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Historic Olympic Year and Our Queens Jubilee Year!
There were over thousands of visitors to this website last month. Over 31,000 in fact!
Some were in Beverley Hills, others in the Ukraine, Holland, etc. Please send me a postcard from your part of the world and a brief description of where you are and what you do. Do you keep Bees? I'd love to read the postcards and put the postcards up on the office wall.

We have just finished a FREE Basic Beekeeping CDR with a wealth of information on it. It has Basic Beekeeping, Gardening for Bees, Recipes, some eBooks, pdf files and lots more.

If you browsing through maybe you might like to find out about Beekeeping.....
Click on the link below and email me your name and address and I'll send you a free copy of the CDR!!

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If you have any questions about Beekeeping, want free information or would like to visit our small shop, please do give us a call. Or, feel free to just stop by!
We love to chat about our favourite topics…Low Cost Beekeeping Equipment or our Bees!

We can supply you with a  Nucleus of Bees for Collection in  May 2012. We have reduced the price to £145 per nuc.
Put your name down now to avoid disappointment.....We are only doing a set number of nucs....
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