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Bees On A Budget

A Nucleus of Bees at our 2010 Price!!

We decided to go back to our 2010 prices because everyone is broke and things aren't getting any better. Our Suppliers Prices have gone up every year but we have gone back to our lower prices.
We decided to give Beekeepers a good deal and keep people Beekeeping and also help those that want to start.
You can Order your Nucleus of Bees now and avoid disappointment.
We also offer free Beekeeping Information, and we are always at the end of the phone...

Swarming In Winter
The other day I got a call from Mary saying a friend of hers had a swarm in a Chimney. Is this the earliest swarm ever? I was intrigued but couldn't go and get the Bees as I was painting my stuff. Anyway that is the first ever Swarm I ever heard of in February.

I got a load of Fondant left if you need any. If you need Sugar urgently too let me know, I got a sackful left.