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March Sun

It is blue skies and bright sun this week, with temperatures climbing to 17 Celsius maybe Spring has finally arrived.
I keep my Bees in a beautiful garden belonging to a Stately Home in warwickshire. the setting is beautiful. I am very lucky. I let myself into the empty Gardens and go to my Apiary at the back of the Gardens near a piece of woodland.
I went to my hives and fed my Bees Fondant on Sunday afternoon and was really pleased to see loads of fit healthy Bees emerging from the crown board of the first one as soon as I took the roof off.
I wasn't so pleased to see a lot of earwigs on the crown board. Must have been two dozen of them. Are they attracted by the damp and condensation. I'm going to have to Google earwigs and find out what they want.
I didn't take the crown board off, just put about 4lb of fondant on the crown board and left them to enjoy it. The problem was the weather,  it was just above ten degrees on Sunday, with scattered showers and then later we had heavy rain and hail.
I will give the Bees a good spring clean when the sunny weather coincides with a weekend off.......I'll change a few brood frames and change the varroa tray and clean the Queen excluder. Jobs I enjoy doing.
Cheap Smoker Fuel.
During the winter I saw a few old sheets of plywood dumped in a corner and after a few weeks they had delaminated and dried out. I gathered the plywood up to dump it in the recycling and had it in a couple of black bin bags and guess what. It has formed really good kindling and ideal for my smoker!!! I use half of the plywood and all the old dry sticks I usually use. Thats good recycling......