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Nice Nucleus of Bees

I been looking at the stats for my Blogg and I have over 10,00 visits to read the blogg. That is just amazing.

As a thank you to anyone who regularly reads the Beekeeping Blogg I'd like to offer you the chance to buy a Nucleus of Bees from us for a discounted price!!
We are selling the Nucs at £185 but anyone who quotes Nimrod Bees Blogg 10075 can have twenty quid off and buy for only £165.

I will have to withdraw the offer on the 1st May 2012 but thats plenty of time to get your Order in.

Just email me at and I'll send you an order form. Don't forget to quote the Beekeeping Blogg to get a nice discount........

Heres some pictures of what the nucs look like and the box they come in. Don't forget its collection only on May 26th in Rugby Warwickshire.

Any of you Bloggers want free Beekeeping Info please email me. I got loads on my PC and I love to share it. OK so you'll get a load of emails with loads of files but I got Norton 360 so its all scanned and checked.

If you got any photos of your own Beehives and Bees please send me some for my website Gallery. And you don't have to be in the UK, I don't mind photos from anywhere, including California where we had 5,000 views last month.

If you got beekeeping tips too let me have them and I'll put them on my website...

Thats all for now folks, have a nice weekend.

Best Wishes
Paul the Beekeeper