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What a month May was.

We decided to close our Bee Shop and just do hobby beekeeping.

The sales were well down on last year and the Government has successfully brought the country to its knees. With one in four shops boarded up and 2.7 million people unemployed the situation is worse thasn it was even under Thatcher.

The UK Economy is the Titanic with Captain Cameron making sure he sinks the ship. What with the highest Government Officials being found to be dishonest by the Levenson Inquiry and the sleaze going all the way up, we just don't ever get an honest Government in the UK.

The other  year we had 630 crooks fiddling their expenses in the Houses of Parliament. £30K to clean the moat!!!!
Getting off the charges by writing a letter of apology to the Speaker while poor Joe Public got sentences of three months inside for minor offences like shoplifting. Yes we got a good democracy here in the UK. We vote in the crooks and get fleeced by them. Wheres all the honest men gone? Why can't people who want to serve the community they live in be elected instead of fawning puppets of the Party?

Yes, I'm a bit disillusioned by it all. So are 2.7 million people without jobs, so are the people looking at boarded up High Street Shops. Wheres the tax money gone? Spent on futile wars created by sexed up documents written by dodgy politicians and by the Banks who piously grant you a loan and loose your savings.......creating a world where the disgusting loan sharks like W*nga dot com can fleece the needy.  in the.