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Bargain Hunter

I been looking at some of the items I've bought in the past and just stored. These include things like a Brass Deer on a Brass Flat Plate, A Knight on a teak board, a pewter pheasant and I thought I'd start my own virtual Aladdins Cave.
These days there are thousands of Junk Shops posing as Antique Stores and thousands of Antique Shops selling Junk. What used to go down the Car Boot now ends up in a window with a hefty price tag.

Well I'm making an Antiques and Curios Section on my website to sell items at reasonable prices and offer bargains and discounts where I can. The item price displayed would include postage.

I'll put on the web pages all the interesting stuff I have and I am appealing for you to let me sell your stuff on commission too.

My rates would be the usual auction 10% of the item price and you post it to me to photograph and put on the web page. Please include a written description and your phone number for more questions if you like.

Bigger items would be sold under an agreement and you keep hold of the item till sold.

I'll settle up with you before despatching the item.

Every item on the web pages will have a auction number and a paypal button. If it sells then you get paid, there are no upfront fees.

If you are interested please email me paul@nimrodonline.comst