Nimrod Engineering and - Company Message

Treasure Hunt

There is a new look to the Nimrod website that has put Engineering foremost. This is due to the closure of our little hobby Beekeeping Shop and Beekeeping has been relegated to a hobby and not a small business.

We closed the shop because the number of customers declined as the recession time increased. With one in four High Street Shops boarded up we couldn't hope to survive this recession.

There are loads of interesting Bee Articles and Beekeeping related items on our website and the Beekeeping Pages now have their own area on the website.

The weather has been very wet and it always rains at the weekend. Take Saturday for instance, torrential rain all day and Sunday was showers. Monday starts off cloudy and gets better. A nice sunny day. Seems like the weather is good when we are at work and bad when we got time to attend to our hives.

We've reduced our hives down to one this year. we are in a European Foul Brood Area and will not increase the quantity of hives till that is over. On the nearby BBKA Apiary site at Stonleigh even the experts have the disease. Luckily we have been ok so far.

Bee nice to hear from you....hear how you are getting on, Best Wishes