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Making Canoes

I have a load of thick white plastic sections that were used as packing pieces for some large crated items that came from the States. These packing pieces, flat on three sides and curved on the fourth side,  would be ideal mounted on a thick central beam and shaped to make Canadian Canoes.

I thought of shaping them so they are on six inch centres and use 36 for an 18ft canoe.

The plastic sections are about an inch thick and about 18 inches square. They already have three square sections cut out of the bottom side, one central large one and two smaller ones, one each side of the large one.

I thought that would be ideal for slotting onto a fixed beam.

I thought, when I originally stored them that they could be shaped to provide the former for making cedar or teak strip wood Canadian Canoes.

If anyone has made a  canoe this way can you email me some info. I'm going to have a go when I semi retire next year.