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Sponsons All Around

Some time ago I bought three eight foot long sponsons that came up in auction. Whats a Sponson you may say? Well a Sponson is an inflatable boat really that has an inflatable tube all round and has a rubber deck across it and is fitted with straps. It is used for bridge building and the Marines use them to cross rivers and lakes. Each sponson straps sideways on to its neighbour and a deck goes across them and vehicles can drive across.
What do I want to do with them? Well I have an idea of using the sponsons under a flat platform and towing it off a sheltered beach and fishing from it. I got an old caravan chassis and will make the fishing platform in two halves each with a sponson, and one in the middle and take them to the sea side. I am looking for stanchions to fit guard rails on the platform and a couple of sturdy anchors to moor it in place.
I was asked where the toilet is going to be on the fishing deck. Well in any direction six feet from the centre. Yes, there isn't one, have to go over the side!!! I'm going to put an observation hatch in the centre, under a trapdoor, with a window in the deck so I can look under water to see the bottom in shallow water.
I haven't seen anything like this fishing platform and I'd be interested to know if anyones got one.
Wish me Luck with it in 2013!!!!