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Engineering Apprenticeships

I keep reading that the Government think that there aren't enough Engineers in the UK and theres a shortage. No the shortage is of Engineering Projects, Investment and Jobs not Engineers. Engineers like me need to be working on things like Trident, The Channel Tunnel, a new railway Link.
The problem that the elected short lived political moguls don't understand is the country needs an Infrastructure to build and invest in the future for the younger generation.
Take the Channel Tunnel Project for instance.

I was asked once by an eight year old why we need the Tunnel as it has cost 8 lives. I told her that my grandfather was a citizen of Rugby, Warwickshire, my father was a citizen of the County of Warwickshire, I am a citizen of the United Kingdom but she would be a citizen of Europe. In order for her to take her place in Europe she would need the structuyres in place to facilitate that. Hence the Channel Tunnel built in the Eighties. A gateway to what one day will become no doubt the United States of Europe.

Thats what Engineers do, they create the impossible, they give their lives for a dream, they leave a legacy that people don't realise the sacrifices that had to be made.

So wheres the future, the great projects for Britains economic future, wheres the shipbuilding, the motorway across the Channel, the fifth London Airport, the tunnel between Scotland and Northern Europe?

They don't exist because of the rubbish governments and pocket liners we've had to endure since the Thatcher Years. Now is time for all the Good Men to come to the Aid of their Parties. Take us out of the hands of crooks and con men and give us a Churchill, a leader and some hope.....