Nimrod Engineering and - Company Message

Street Life

We just moved in and finding our feet.

"How many cars you got?" asked the Nosey Neighbour.

"Well, we got the Ford Ranger Pickup for work, Sandra has a Peugeot 206 and then there is the weekend classic we are restoring - a 1996 Landrover Discovery, three in total"

"Well the Ranger tax disc runs out in seven days" said the Nosey neighbour.

"Thanks for letting us know, but its in the Post!"

On street parking is unrestricted and as long as the vehicles are taxed, mot'd and insured you can park on the street. There are no restrictions. You might not be able to park near your door but you get to park somewhere.

Not if you got three cars though, apparently, because the nosey neighbour can't get his black boring car parked outside his house to clean it every day with a toothbrush.