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Greedy Capitalist Pigs vs The Friendly Society

I'm appalled by businesses like who fleece payday cheque lenders by asking those in society who have the least to pay crazy interest rates for short term loans.
Many years ago there used to be "Friendly Society" Banks who used to loend their investors money to buy housing or improve homes at low rates of interest and had their shareholders at heart.
I'd like to get two hundred people together with just £600 each to put in to a pool to start our own friendly society and have our own peoples bank.

I'd like the £600 investment pay you interest but more omportantly I'd like to create a bank that has two hundred caring investors that care about other people.

Its policy would be to see off the legalised loan sharks like and go back to the values and principles that the High Street Building Societies have forgotten and lost.

A Friendly Society Bank that likes to say "Yes" and likes to help people by giving out short term loans at sensible 8% loan rates and doesn't get people into a trap where they borrow to pay off each payday loan.

Is it really necessary to fleece those of us who have nothing? I don't think so.

If you would be interested in this Friendly Society  Bank please contact me. Thank you for your time.......