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World War 1 Centennial 2014

I am thinking what I want to do to mark the 100th year of the start of World War 1. I thought I'd visit the battlefields and see the locations where the events happened in France and Belgium.
Whats your views on this? Some may say it is better forgotten.
I don't think so, people gave their lives in the Great War and we should honour and remember these fallen heroes.

The cost of a wreath or two is nothing for the sacrifice they made to win a cause they believed in. However also when you look into the hardships and the idiots in charge sending men over trench lines into machine gun fire the true reality of what they did comes across.

We have the same type of idiots who ordered men to their deaths in charge today. These days they wear bowler hats and now they order Departments about. Instead of thousands of lives lost they loose millions of pounds by stupidity.

Making changes that don't need making.

These people, the same type of people who create stupid strategies and idiotic policies, always seem to be the ones that hold Public Office.

Is it because Politics is the domain of the unemployable, the lazy and the decievers? Power corrupts but those that are corruptable are in power....

These Political idiots send men to sexed up, unnecessary Wars, send decent young men to their deaths at the hand of fanatics who live in a medieval society, and the politicians stay at home to cry crocodile tears, and lay flags on the coffins as a sign of respect......