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Sea Fishing On Deal Pier, Kent

I was fishing off the Pier the other weekend, caught a dogfish that promptly waggled his body till he leapt off the hook. I been thinking about changing my tactics. I always use a single clipped down trace and fish on the bottom. I'm thinking of using a two boom flowing hook trace with a bottom bell lead like I use on a boat. I'm thinking of lifting my traces above the rocks and weed and even fit the lead on a rotten bottom so if it snags i just lose a lead.

I also been thinking aboutadding a small bait feeder at the bottom of my trace at the lead end. It works for Carp Anglers. If you can give me any advice or have something to say about fishing then get a reply in.

Theres apparently 50,000 people reviewing this site and i don't get one email. Make the old gaffer happy and start giving us a bit of response.
Anyway heres some fishing pics......