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Descent Into Hell

When Tony Blair sexed up a document to bring Britain into the War with Iraq he did it to protect oil revenues and big business. He did it to further the ambitions of greedy people and destabilise the arab nations.
Blair has left a legacy of war and death and it should rest heavy on his concience.

Now today Iraq stands on the brink of Civil war. Where 14th century fanatics are trying to dominate a fledgling democracy and take the Iraqi nation back too medieval rule and barbaric customs.

Why didn't we leave them with Teachers, Aid, a stable police force and investment in businesses, apprenticeships and creation of factories and jobs? Well there was no money in it. When the arms industry can sell to both sides and missiles can cost millions they want war. They invest in war and they sell weapons. Are the real power behind these events Banks and arms manufacturers, is there an orchestrated attempt to destabilise countries so weapons may be sold. 

The dark shadows inciting revolution may be paid by the big investors and thats very worrying. Preach peace and carry a bugle...........are things what they seem and have we been told the truth?