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England and The Worl Cup

I was ten years old in 1966 when england last won the World Cup.
I remember watching the match and the country went wild when England won.
I went and saw the match again on the Cinema.
England was something in those days.
Now we have footballers who worry about their hair and have their nails done. They wear branded footwear and act like movie stars.
They have forgotten its a Sport and now all have business or showbiz agents and are afraid to tackle in case they get a bruise or a hair out of place.
thats why we don't win, our England Team are a bunch or Models, all ahnd picked by the media and not by their skills. Other countries like Brazil want to win and their players are paid low salaries.
Should the sport be de regulated and should teams like Chelsea actually have people from Chelsea in the team? And should England be represented by footballers who play football for the love of it and love the sport?