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Been Busy Setting Up A Beach Shop

Since leaving the Alstom Nottingham Tram Project I been quite busy. I bought a Bungalow near the sea at Skegness. we bought a static caravan which we have for hire, see
and we have the Coral seas Shell and Beach Shop stocked with loads of Nautical and interesting items.
The Beach Shop is filled with loads of stuff and very attractive. I put five flagposts outside and the front apron has been concreted and a lawn laid. The area was pretty bleak before as it was storage units under the pier and now its been transformed into a very beautiful shop.
If you are ever in Skegness do come and have a look.
My engineering company Nimrod Engineering has been a bit neglected while I have done all this but my attentions have now turned back to Engineering.
I am looking at installing Flagposts and Flags all over the place and in contact with the Wholesaler in Loughborough.
have a look at the new shop and give me your feedback. You can find me there most days, er sunny days, that is. If theres something the shop should stock and it doesn't please tell me.
Have a look at