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Been Busy Setting Up A Beach Shop

Since leaving the Alstom Nottingham Tram Project I been quite busy. I bought a Bungalow near the sea at Skegness. we bought a static caravan which we have for hire, see
and we have the Coral seas Shell and Beach Shop stocked with loads of Nautical and interesting items.
The Beach Shop is filled with loads of stuff and very attractive. I put five flagposts outside and the front apron has been concreted and a lawn laid. The area was pretty bleak before as it was storage units under the pier and now its been transformed into a very beautiful shop.
If you are ever in Skegness do come and have a look.
My engineering company Nimrod Engineering has been a bit neglected while I have done all this but my attentions have now turned back to Engineering.
I am looking at installing Flagposts and Flags all over the place and in contact with the Wholesaler in Loughborough.
have a look at the new shop and give me your feedback. You can find me there most days, er sunny days, that is. If theres something the shop should stock and it doesn't please tell me.
Have a look at

Coral Seas

Check out our new website
It has been a few months in the making but now it is launched I would appreciate your views. OK it isn't completely done and I'm still adding bits but its a labour of love.
Whats special about the Coral seas project?
Well it is time for me to give up travelling and doing engineering projects and I'm going to settle down with a retail outlet linked to what i love the most - the sea and the sea shore.
Coral seas website has shells, boats, lighthouses and objects with marine and nautical themes. I'd be happy to hesr what you would like to see on the site......take a few minutes and help me out.

Well, here it is.....

Stall space wanted at your Events and Fetes

Hi, have a look at our new Coral Seas Theme Marquee and stall setup. we got shells, lighthouses, prints, oil paintings and loads of nautical and marine stuff and we are looking for places to set it up. we are interested in mainly coastal or estuary villages and towns with a maritime theme. We'd like to bring along our stall and we will give 20% of all profit to a local charity.

Please email me at [email protected] with your venue proposal.

Nimrod Coral Sea Project

Checkout our new look website. We got a new Coral sea theme and we got loads of things to read and loads of photos to show you.

The Man In The Mirror

Well the time has come to make some lifestyle and business changes. I've spent many years contracting and away from home. I've done Ok but with my sixtyth birthday looming its time to make some changes. I'm launching a new project selling prints and nautical items. I have thousands of photos from my travels over forty years and have done a deal to buy the rights to photos and have made arrangements to sell talented photographers work. Also I am amassing loads of sustainable source shells and seaside stuff. Whats different you may say from what others have done. well one thing is the priice. I'm doing the prints at fifteen quid for the print in a glass frame, not hundreds of pounds, and all the stuff I will be selling is marked up sensibly so everyone can afford it.

If you are interested in buying prints at trade prices or at packs of shells please email me for lists and details: