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Bee Nice

Seasons Greetings and A Happy New Year

I would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year and hope that 2015 will be a good year for you. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I hope things will work out well for you.
Best Wishes

Paul of Nimrod Engineering

Something for the Garden....

It is summer now and everything is in bloom. The insects are hard at work and the bees are collecting nectar. What about doing a little something for the enviroment and for your Garden. I've put a load of home DIY Garden projects on my website with the hope that you'd take time out and make a Bee Hote, Hedgehog Hotel, or a bird box or two.

Have a look at the Projects page on the website and i9nvolve the kids in making something to put in the garden. You'll enjoy it, they'll enjoy it and you'd make an old man very happy. Don't forget to send me a photo so I can put it on my Blogg.


England and The Worl Cup

I was ten years old in 1966 when england last won the World Cup.
I remember watching the match and the country went wild when England won.
I went and saw the match again on the Cinema.
England was something in those days.
Now we have footballers who worry about their hair and have their nails done. They wear branded footwear and act like movie stars.
They have forgotten its a Sport and now all have business or showbiz agents and are afraid to tackle in case they get a bruise or a hair out of place.
thats why we don't win, our England Team are a bunch or Models, all ahnd picked by the media and not by their skills. Other countries like Brazil want to win and their players are paid low salaries.
Should the sport be de regulated and should teams like Chelsea actually have people from Chelsea in the team? And should England be represented by footballers who play football for the love of it and love the sport?

Happy Halloween

Nimrod would like to wish you a Happy Halloween.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Went to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on Dunstable Downs on Saturday 3rd of August.

A really wonderful place to visit. Wide open enclosures, plenty to see and plenty of open spaces. 

Had a great time till we went on the train around the enclosures and half way round the heavens opened. We were in an open carriage and got soaked, couldn't get out of the rain and had to sit and get wet.....If you are going on the train make sure you go in the covered wagons!!!

The Train was great fun, went through the enclosures and was a replica steam train.....very well done ZSL!!!

Brass Screws

I've got a load of Brass Screws for boat building or outdoor woodwork projects. I've got them all bagged up by weight so there are more small screws in a pack than big screws in a pack for £1. I bought loads of Brass Screws from a Dealer when Brass was becoming rare because I thought they would become unavailable. Now I see that the Hardware Shops are selling Brass Plated Screws instead of solid brass now. For the same money of course. Well I've got Brass Screws, at a bargain price, and I want you to buy them for your products. When this stock has gone I'll not be buying any more. So have a look and see if you want any......good luck with your woodworking project.

Treasure Hunt

There is a new look to the Nimrod website that has put Engineering foremost. This is due to the closure of our little hobby Beekeeping Shop and Beekeeping has been relegated to a hobby and not a small business.

We closed the shop because the number of customers declined as the recession time increased. With one in four High Street Shops boarded up we couldn't hope to survive this recession.

There are loads of interesting Bee Articles and Beekeeping related items on our website and the Beekeeping Pages now have their own area on the website.

The weather has been very wet and it always rains at the weekend. Take Saturday for instance, torrential rain all day and Sunday was showers. Monday starts off cloudy and gets better. A nice sunny day. Seems like the weather is good when we are at work and bad when we got time to attend to our hives.

We've reduced our hives down to one this year. we are in a European Foul Brood Area and will not increase the quantity of hives till that is over. On the nearby BBKA Apiary site at Stonleigh even the experts have the disease. Luckily we have been ok so far.

Bee nice to hear from you....hear how you are getting on, Best Wishes