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Charity Coconut shy

Paul is looking for Work


Nimrod Engineering is looking for Project Management or Test and Commissioning Contract Work.

Also we can offer the following services:

On Offer
Advertising Trailer, 12ft twin axle trailer delivered and installed on site.
Available Per Day 
IP Cameras
Supplied and Installed
Prestige Vehicles delivered anywhere
Available per Day
Websites -  design and maintain
Available per Day
CCTV Systems
Supplied & Installed
Equipment Delivery
Available Per Day
Surveys -cable routes
Available Per Day
Coconut Shy
Available per day
Special Package Delivery (Secure)
Available Per Day
Escorted Trip to National Trust Property
Available per day
Escorted Trip to English Heritage Property
Available per day
Escorted Journey to Airport
Available per day
Representation at Industrial Tribunal
Available per day
 Last Testament and Will Preparation and Safe Keeping
Prepared and Delivered 
Sea Fishing Charters - we book a boat and arrange everything
Available per day

Charity Coconut Shy At The Miners Festival Kent

We made a Coconut shy and took it to the Miners Festival in Kent on August Bank Holiday Monday. It was a great success. Heres the pics.....If you want to know how to do it have a look at our Coconut Shy webpage.

Here is the link.......Coconut Shy